The Absence of Bad News

Sometimes not hearing bad news is good news. Today we found out that there was nothing new on Dave’s latest scans.  The liver and lung tumors are staying put but they haven’t changed in size and they haven’t sprouted any new buddies either.  In the crazy world of cancer, this is good news.  Nine tumors that are “stable” is good news.  Nuts, right?  But we are relieved.  And grateful.  We went out to lunch and Dave said, in the gallows humor we seem to share, “at least we know I am not dying today”.  Which is something.



32 thoughts on “The Absence of Bad News

  1. Stay strong Warrior! I can’t imagine even a tiny bit what it’s like to be in your shoes right now. Fervent and frequent prayers for you and your family. We love you all!!

  2. Indeed, Dave is right. Humour is a good thing and I’m glad you can find solace in this. Dave is as dry as you!

    Thanks for starting this blog – I always err on the side of caution, never knowing what to say or ask.

    Hang in there. xxx

  3. Thanks for creating this blog, Robyn! I pray that you will receive encouragement when sharing news with the many who care for you and your family.

    Humor is such a gift – and definitely a fun one you and Dave give to each other! Laughter is, indeed, good medicine for our souls.


  4. All I can say for right now is: I echo Laughter is the best Medicine. Stay strong and I am here for all of you .

    Love Your Stud-Brother

  5. Love the idea of a blog, I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to communicate with your friends who love you & worry about you . Humor is definitely a good thing, and it is a relief to hear there is no bad news! Hugs and prayers to your family.

  6. Thank you for keeping us updated. I know it’s probably the last thing you have on the to-do list, which is always long in the best of circumstances, so its extra-appreciated. Whatever we can do to help, please let us know. We’ll be thinking about you and hoping for more absences of bad news 🙂

  7. You are always in my thoughts and prayers even though we may not connect each day. Indeed, I am sure your fingers are raw from the texting and emailing. I am so excited to be able to log in to your blog and see how everyone is doing. Yes, this includes you! You are such a good friend and as concerned as I am about you, I never want to bother you with my trivial questions every day. You are both an inspiration to others! Stay strong, think positive and laugh, laugh, laugh! It is known to be the best medicine.

    Love ya!
    Lisa H.

  8. If no news is good news, then no bad news is GREAT news. I’m so glad you started a blog. It’s so much easier to just sit and write without the distraction of FB activity flashing along the sidebar. I know I’m one of many others…but I am home all day and can help with ANYTHING you guys need. Just let me know.

    Love to all of you.

  9. hey Robyn, thanks for this blog! Best to Dave…lots of love and prayers, and truthfully laughter is indeed the best medicine!!

  10. I am glad you decided to do this blog, Robyn. Very therapeutic for both you and Dave. We r praying as warriors that you stay strong in mind body and spirit during this time. Lean on us, your friends, as we want to help in any way possible. Love the humor Dave has in all things. We love you and lift you up to our heavenly Father for healing.

  11. Hi sis! Joining you’re blog… less for the reason of wanting to know the latest on what is a very personal matter (still appreciate the updates) but more for the sense that at least (in some small way), I can take the journey with you. Your strength and courage continue to amaze me and when you’re having a more human day where you’re not feeling as strong and courageous… I’ll be here for you. Always will. Love you – Matt

    P.S. Loved the humor too…

  12. Robyn, thank you for creating this blog. I think about how you are doing all the time but never want to bother you with the old how’s it going. Glad you both have that spence of humor . It definately a rollercoaster ride
    Love MaryJoan

  13. Sweet daughter of ours, Have been spending the past two days trying to figure out where you put this link, and finally found it today. As you know, I have only barely crawled out recently from under my technology rock and so it took me a while. Thank you for doing this and we all know your life is chaotic enough, so we all appreciate you finding the time to share this crazy ride. We love you guys soooo much, and you know we will be there always! Hugs to you and have a great time in FLA. M and D

  14. Hi Robyn and Dave, I’m a Redford High School classmate of your wonderful Mother. She’s been keeping many of us updated knowing we’re true believers in the power of prayer. Your blog is informative, uplifting, cheerful and encouraging. Rest assured, God, our Healer, is hearing prayers and praise on a daily basis, and will continue long after all is well again. Keep holding His hand. Linda Stultz Tucker

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