Because There is More to Life

We can’t just talk about cancer, can we?

According to the WordPress stats counter, you all have viewed this little blog 585 times in the last three days.  We feel very blessed and grateful knowing that we have so many people out there checking in and rooting for us.  There is even a little map that shows from where in the world people are reading.  Amazing.

Since Dave has to stick with a pretty strict schedule, we were not able to join in the annual 4th of July family trip to South Carolina.  We did send the kids off with 18 members of the “Tremaine” family.  The first time I called to check in on the kids, the oldest one had gotten in trouble with one of her aunts for inappropriate language.  The second time I called, I was told the middle one had gotten in trouble for shooting off his mouth in regards to another aunt’s ability to drive the boat.  So, I decided not to call anymore.  They will let me know if there is an emergency, right?!

So that no one thinks that Dave and I are here not having any fun at all, I just wanted to reassure you that we have had a nice peaceful week at home.  Tuesday night, we went to Wolftrap, on a spur of the moment invite, to see Crosby, Stills and Nash.  We had such a fun time with Jeanne and PJ picnicking and listening to great live music on the lawn.  There WAS dramatic lightning and a downpour but we don’t have to talk about that!  We enjoyed a yummy meal with my parents to celebrate the 4th.  And last night, I strong armed two of my favorite men in the world, Bruce and Brad, into having dinner and then seeing Magic Mike with us.  (Sigh.)

Tomorrow, Dave gets disconnected from his chemo pump first thing in the morning.  Then we are heading to South Carolina to meet up with the kiddos.  From there we are taking off for Orlando for the week.  I will check in when we get back as I am sure there will be stories to share.




16 thoughts on “Because There is More to Life

  1. awesome. you know how jealous I am that your kids get to spend time away with family. that’s the best deal going! 😉 I’m glad you guys got to have a low-key week and I hope Orlando treats you right! I look forward to hearing whether or not The Youngest got herself “in trouble” with the Aunts too. 🙂

  2. Kids cannot help it.. Just ask Dave about what he wanted to name our 5k team at academy! doeth like a good medicine.. There is powerful healing in laughter! Kisses..

  3. Crosby, Stills, and Nash in the storm was so fun. Can’t wait for Barry Manilow in August! Enjoy Orlando -I’m sure the kids won’t get in any “trouble” there! Thanks for the posts- informative as well as entertaining. Wishing the Tremaines a great vacation.

  4. That’s more that we did over the past few days! Have a wonderful time in FL.

    And I agree about calling to check on the kids. Sometimes it’s best to just assume no news is good news!

  5. Thrilled to hear that you two got to spend some alone time while the kids were entertained. Every couple can use that. I hope your trip to Florida is amazing with plenty of fun! Continued love, thoughts, and prayers sent your family’s way.

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