Speaking of Gratitude….

A big thank you to everyone for checking in on us here.  We so appreciate reading your comments and emails even if I haven’t been great about responding to all of them.  Just know that we have read every word and been buoyed by the incredible love and support.

Dave goes in for labs tomorrow and then does his 48 hours of chemo Wednesday through Friday.  So any prayers, good vibes, and positive thoughts that you want to send our way, we’ll take them!!




7 thoughts on “Speaking of Gratitude….

  1. I am so glad your family was able to spend time at Disney together! I thought of you all week!! I am also sending my prayers, well wishes, and good vibes for tomorrow and the coming days. Go get em Dave!!!!!

    • thanks, lisa! we did have such a good time and you know how much I was looking forward to Disney in July!! all went smoothly with dave today and he is at home sleeping soundly. I am sitting in the car waiting out the requisite 30 minutes after lightning so the kids can swim in the IM meet. : )

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