The Fanny Pack


Dave had his six hour visit to the infusion lab today, and all went smoothly thanks to the amazing nursing staff there.  Now for the next two days he wears the lovely fanny pack (as modeled above)!  The pack holds a small pump which has plastic tubing attached.  The other end of the tubing connects to a port near Dave’s collar bone.  The port shows only slightly under his skin.  It really is remarkable.

We like to make jokes about how cool and attractive the fanny pack is.  He wore it when we went to see Magic Mike so you can imagine the zingers were flying.  He wore it when he met Michelle Obama and the cast of iCarly.  He felt a little self conscious wearing his fanny pack with his suit when meeting the first lady, but I imagine that public figures must see it all and take it in stride.

The pump makes a click and a whirring sound as the 5FU is administered.  I find the sound both reassuring and stress inducing.  I am comforted by knowing that the chemo drugs are going in there to battle the cancer cells, but it also can leave me breathless when I think about why they are needed in the first place.  So for those two nights every other week, Dave sleeps while combating his myriad side effects, and I lie next to him listening and thinking too much.  But I stay there next to him.  Not because I am some super dedicated self-sacrificing wife, but because if I get up in the middle of the night, I might order the pedi egg or the slanket or maybe those shimmer glitter tattoos….



13 thoughts on “The Fanny Pack

  1. hahahaha, I’ve seen the pedi egg on the end cap at the local grocery store – keep yourself in bed woman! 😉 The shimmer glitter tattoos though…

  2. You are a super dedicated wife!! 🙂 But yes, at the same time it is important to know you have limitations too. There is nothing wrong with that. It;s okay. Be okay with that. DO you really want that pedi egg, or the slanket….what is a slanket anyway..hehe?? I don’t think so..haha. 🙂 But those tattoo’s like Lori said might come in handi when needing to smile!! DO what you need to do for you to take care of you too, so that you can take care of him. 🙂 That wil make you both strong. That will help both of you kick this cancer in the butt!!

  3. LOL! You do make me smile – no doubt your humor (which you already know is correctly spelt “humour”) is helping Dave all the way.

    I love that term – fanny pack. NEVER used in the UK.

  4. Can I just say how proud I am that you used the word myriad correctly. I hate it when people write “a” or “the” myriad. It’s just plain myriad. Crazy and sleep deprived maybe but, at the very least, grammatically correct. Bravo.

  5. I’m with Nicky Robyn…you can’t help but have your UK friends tittering gently to themselves at the mention of the fanny pack!! Lovey, I know it’s been 25 years since we left (yes, really!!), but the wonderful world of technology means we can be friends once more and support through stuff like this….your humour is fab and am sure it is much needed through the ups and downs of this particular ride! Much love, Anneke xx

    • Thanks, Anneke. I am so thankful for the technology that allows us to reconnect and catch up with dear friends from the past. I appreciate the support from afar and am glad I could provide you and Nicky (and a few others too hopefully) which a little giggle.

  6. Who knew about myriad and that such a lesson could be learned in this place. I have to say there is much to be learned from this blog, but myriad still seems naked without an article preceding it…much like Hospital in Britain isn’t preceded by the. Thanks to the many lessons learned but mostly I give thanks for my beautiful family who constantly amaze me with their humour(for you Nicky), always seeing their cup more than half full and courage to face life’s forks in the road with faith and dignity. I am so blessed! Mom/Pam

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