Because There is More to Life

This is my favorite souvenir from Disney and probably the most affordable item in the huge World of Disney store.  The placemats add a fun pop of color to the table.


And because we obviously have nothing but time on our hands, we thought it would be a good idea to add this little guy to the family.  Actually, he is not little at all.  Apparently we picked out the Goliath of basset hounds.  He is a total love though and is not really allowed on the couch.  We have named him Winston but everyone is calling him Winnie or Winnie Pig.


Hope that you all have a wonderful weekend.  We will be waterlogged with a swim meet and two pool parties.



8 thoughts on “Because There is More to Life

  1. Good job with a blog that has a purpose. Keep writing and I will keep reading. Love you all. Ann PS Keep the damn dog off the sofa!!

  2. He’s so cute! Congrats on new addition! And thank you for the continued postings. Ps, I’m a huge fan of fanny packs! Used one all last week trekking through Yosemite and wouldn’t have done it any other way. Just wish I looked as awesome in mine as Dave does in his! He’s the only person I can imagine who can rock a fanny pack.

    Would love details on visit with Michelle Obama some time!

    Many hugs (at a distance so they’re germ-free) and prayers,

  3. OH MY… Winnie is soooo adorable! Makes me want a dog too! I love checking in on your blog! Your humour (spelled correctly?) makes me smile:) Thank you again for all of the informative information. Dave looks amazing in that fanny pack. As they say in the fashion world, he wears it so well! Any other colors, sports themes, etc.? 🙂 Always thinking of you and your family!

    • don’t give in to temptation. having a puppy is like having a toddler again – always watching to make sure they don’t get into anything! : ) i do wonder why they can’t make the fanny packs more fun. you know dave would be rocking a hayfield orange one, if he could!

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