See that photo above?  Those are suits.  No.  Really.  Dave’s school colors are orange and white, and he wears them proudly and often.  He has shoes, socks, ties, shirts, tees, polos, jackets and now two suits.  His closet is arranged by “orange” and “all other colors”.  His dresser is chock-full of shirts that represent the many groups, teams and clubs at his school.  Dave is so proud to be a part of Hayfield Secondary and has worked hard to try to cultivate that same sense of pride in his students, faculty and staff.  So, the next time you wear something that has the color orange, think of Dave, and maybe send a little prayer or good thought his way.



PS We also have an abundance of orange umbrellas, mugs, notebooks, caps, lunch bags etc. that populate our house.  Oh, and a bathroom painted Hayfield orange.


2 thoughts on “Orange

  1. OMG I had no idea that tailors would have such fabrics in their book! I am rarely speechless, but for now I will just say that I am waiting(very impatiently) to see Dave rock the checked suit and am praying that someone will be given advanced warning at Hayfield Secondary to have both the digital and video cameras at the ready! This is sooooo Dave. (HHHMMM I guess that clowns go to tailors too???!!! Mom

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