We have experienced many acts of kindness in the last year.  The support and love we have been shown has been staggering, and I believe that my definition of gratitude has been rewritten.  There have been some completely unexpected acts that have gone so far above and beyond.

*Dave’s school formed a team in his honor to raise money and run/walk in the www.getyourrearingear.com fundraiser.  Team Orange was the biggest group represented and raised the most amount of money for the event.  When my school principal heard about it, she told a few people. Five amazing ladies, (Ginger, Kim, Jaime, Maggie and Stephanie) whom I barely knew, joined the event in honor of Dave and also Maggie’s grandmother.  They even made t-shirts for the occasion!  We were joined on the 5K by our dear friends the Lambakis family, my parents, Dave’s sister and her boys, the Hayfield Hawk and the many members of Team Orange.  Inspired by the Alexandria event, my cousins (Suanne, Mimi and Lynne) participated in the Austin event.  Amazing how one good deed inspires others.

*We have been friends with Doug and Lexy for many, many years.   Our families have shared some tough times together but also TONS of laughs.  Recently they were heading to Reston to participate in a March of Dimes event and asked if they could stop by.  They dropped off yummy meals for days that we could freeze and use over time.  What a godsend on those days when we were all so tired that cooking was the last thing on our minds, to have delicious homemade meals that we could heat up and enjoy.

*My friend, Raba, who also joined us on the 5K with her son, Joseph, messaged me one day and asked if we would be home at 5:00.  A little after 5:00, I looked out the door to see if she was there, and I discovered a full homemade meal sitting on my front step.  Raba is the kind of person I strive to be.  She would literally give you the shirt off of her back.

These unexpected acts have brought light to some shadowy days.  We have been energized by the love and thoughtfulness of our friends and family.  Thank you all for being part of our village.

Oh, and remember those orange suits?  Multiple boxes arrived on our door step over several days.  A friend of Dave’s had the suits made for him.  Incredible.




2 thoughts on “Unexpected

  1. That was a fun day and though I didn’t join you on the walk, I kept those who did tummies full , I hope. If they do it again, I just might join you this time! Mom

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