Thinking Back

Occasionally I will come across pictures from when Samantha was little.  It is when I think back that I fully remember how challenging her first few years of life were.  She started having fractures at nine months of age and had them pretty steadily until she was a little over three years old.  The week after Grant was born, she was carrying a nursing pillow down the hallway and fell and broke both bones in her forearm.  Three weeks later, because the arm cast was so heavy, she lost her balance and fell and broke her leg.  So she celebrated her third birthday with a broken arm and a broken leg.  The pictures would be heartbreaking except that she was the happiest little kid in the world.  When I see those photos and reflect back on that time, I am amazed at all we went through and proud of how we managed through the tough times.  I look forward to the day when we can all look back on this latest challenge and feel the same way.




7 thoughts on “Thinking Back

  1. Does Samantha not have any bone problems anymore? I remember thinking how awful it must be, but you seemed to take it all in your stride. 🙂

    • she will always have the issue but as she has gotten older she has had less difficulty. she had surgery last summer on her elbow to gain back some range of motion that she had lost. she has also has had some trouble with her neck and back. but you would never know it if you saw her. : )

    • It is the photo that gives you away, Nicky…We would know and love that face anywhere and I am thinking it might not even be you but you youngest instead as she appears to be a dead ringer for you, my dear! Pam!

  2. I remember when you and I and the two kids went to Sesame Street. We stopped at Hershey to take the tour and have ice cream. Two memories…Seeing Sam walk for the first time since her cast removal so she could hug that giant blueberry costumed person who thought we were crazy as you and I were crying or eyes out with happiness. 2nd was us in the parking lot with dripping ice cream cones and watching as Sam’s went splat onto the tarmac. We held our breath to see what her reaction would be, and she got wide eyed and then laughed! I for one thought, this is why she gets through all the tough times with her bones! And she comes by it naturally as both you and Dave and in fact all of you, get through the tough days with an incredible ability to see the funny side of just about anything! You are all my heroes and I learn from you each and every day! All my love, Mom

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