Even though Dave had chemo last week, we have had the best weekend.  Some of his very best friends from college were in town.  There was lots of laughter, great music, good food, and tons of reminiscing and storytelling.  His friends, Pat and Celeste, were here with their lovely children.  Our kids got to know theirs and spend some time together.  I tried to orchestrate a match between our oldest and their oldest but as mine said, “Mom, it doesn’t just happen that way!” Dave’s good friend (and ex-girlfriend), Elaine, was here with her husband, Chad.  It was so fun hearing stories and seeing old photos.  The best part for me was watching Dave with his friends – dancing and singing with Mark and laughing with buddies he doesn’t see often enough.  On a weekend that he would normally be exhausted, he was energized.

I know I have said it before but there is not much good to say about cancer.  One of the positive aspects though, is it reminds you to take advantage of every moment with friends and family.  We should all live like this all the time.  There is nothing more important.



3 thoughts on “Friends

  1. Robyn, I Love checking in to your blog!! Your stories are amazing and uplifting. Each one is a reminder how important our family, friends, and health are. I am so glad Dave enjoyed his weekend and it sounds like you and the kids did too! 🙂

  2. I think Tyler is smitten…needs to wait a few years and the two of them will be perfect! Hmmm. If she goes to Chapel Hill there could be more opportunity. Boy wouldn’t that be the best wedding!!! Sending love to you, Dave and the kids!

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