T. S. Eliot and Me

There have been two prevalent emotions over the last year – stress and hope.  I have become an equal opportunity stresser giving equal anxiety to our deck construction, starting a new job, Sam’s college searches, Dave’s test results, and the US gymnastics team.  What keeps the stress in check is hope.  I am almost always able to redirect my thoughts to something more positive.  Almost always.

I came across a T.S. Eliot quote recently that has become my new mantra “I said to my soul, be still, and wait without hope, For hope would be hope for the wrong thing.”  I will never be without hope, but I love the freedom from hoping for something specific.  After all, there are so many possibilities.

So mark your calendars, Dave’s next scan is next Tuesday (8.14).  Dave and I will be stressing and hoping.  Feel free to join us.



4 thoughts on “T. S. Eliot and Me

  1. Robyn, I’m really enjoying your writing and keeping up with your family’s journey, although obviously I wish the blog was inspired by different circumstances. Mrs. Reardon would be proud. (Had to dust off the yearbook and look that one up. I didn’t have to search far — you mentioned her when you signed the last page.)

  2. We will be hoping with you and praying that the stress is on its way out the door and the scans are positive. Love the T.S. Eliot quote.

  3. My dearest sister… I was able to recently catch up with your blog. I could not be more proud and inspired by how well you are facing the uncertainty of all. I know I’ve mentioned it before, but your strength and courage remain an inspiration. I’m sure there are moments that you feel quite the opposite. Just wanted to let you know that you (or Dave) are never far from my thoughts. Will be hoping, as always, that the results of todays testing will be positive.

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