Quick Check In

Hi all.  Dave had his CT scan this morning, but unfortunately his oncologist is out of town this week.  Usually Dr. Spira would call him right away and let him know what the scan showed.  He has an appointment at 9:45 tomorrow with another doctor in the practice.  I will post an update once we know what the news is.  I am optimistic that it is going to be good.  After all, tomorrow is our 20th anniversary, so it has to be!  : )



10 thoughts on “Quick Check In

  1. no WAY it’s been 20 years!!! wow. seriously? you have been married for 20 years? (I hope I’m not making you feel old here) 😉 I guess that means Christy has been married for 21. Congratulations on that Robyn- you guys are amazing! And I’ll be sending good thoughts your way tomorrow!

  2. Happy Anniversary to both of you. Know you will get good news. Still want to know what that song meant. Every time I am I’m the grocery store and they play it I think of you both. Love you both, Auntie.

  3. Congratulations on 20 years! I hope you’re able to celebrate such a happy milestone. We’ve got our fingers crossed for good news on the scan. In fact I think I heard that the 20th anniversary was the giant diagnostic machine anniversary….silver and diamond are SO last century 🙂

    Many many wishes for happy news today…

  4. Congrats on your anniversary. I didn’t know we shared the same anniversary date! We may have more years and an extra kid but the fabric of your marriage is woven just as tight. A Life shared is a good thing. Sending hugs your way.

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