More Not Bad News!

I just left Dave at the infusion lab to enjoy our 20th anniversary getting chemo’d up. Thought I should post a quick update.  His latest scan showed no changes.  Everything is stable.  No new tumors and no new growth of the existing ones.  Dave was disappointed as he had hoped we would seem some reduction in tumor size.  I am relieved.  The doctor and researchers all seemed pleased with this result.  So, I’ll take it!

7 thoughts on “More Not Bad News!

  1. Thank God. I’m with you, Robyn. I think stopping that sucker in its tracks is step 1 BEFORE obliteration.
    Bruce and I are also Fanilows. I’m curious how you babies became that. Happy 20th…we celebrate our 40th in Sept.
    Hugs and kisses,

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