Because There is More to Life


Wednesday was our 20th wedding anniversary so I thought I would just share a little bit about what kind of guy I married.  My husband is the kind of guy who sends one stunning long stem red rose for each year we have been married.  He is the kind of guy who days after receiving life changing news and a day before his first major surgery last August, made sure he stopped at the florist to arrange deliveries for our anniversary and my birthday.  He is also the kind of guy who feels free to share his suggestion for who would be a good future mate for me “just in case this doesn’t work out”.

Samantha and I have been on the college circuit this week.  We will have gone to 4 schools by tomorrow evening (Virginia Commonwealth, Mary Washington, Christopher Newport and William and Mary).  Monday we will head to James Madison.  I have marked her graduation date on the calendar – June 17, 2013.  And we have been pouring over her senior pictures to make our choices.  They are all beautiful!

I have enjoyed some fun friend time this week too.  I spent hours catching up with my friend, Tracie which was long overdue and so needed.  I also had another non-stop talk filled coffee date with my friends, Heather and Michele.  I am going to be so sad when school starts, and I won’t have as much time.

The absolute icing on this week’s cake was the Barry Manilow concert.  I am not a “fanilow” by any stretch, but Dave sure is!  We had such a great time with Jeanne and PJ singing along to the songs and sharing lots of laughs.  The perfect evening really – the weather was gorgeous, Barry sounded amazing, and I enjoyed gazing up at the stars in the clear sky.

Restoration for the soul.



8 thoughts on “Because There is More to Life

  1. I am so glad you have had such a great week…hopefully when you looked at the stars you saw a bit of the spectacular meteor shower we are supposed to be having as well! Mom

  2. Glad you had such a great week. That was so sweet of Dave to do that for you. I can just imagine you all singing along with Barry. Here is to 20 more years. Love you both. Auntie

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