Because There is More to Life

Parker met her new teacher today and seems very happy.  She didn’t recognize too many names on the class list, but I reassured her that she would quickly make friends once school started.  Grant survived his freshman orientation managing to only embarrass his older sister twice during the process.  The swim coach stopped Samantha in the hallway today and told her he expected her to swim this year.  He was excited to learn she has a brother who also swims and instructed her to “send him to me!”

After many headaches, our deck is finally complete.  It only had to be rebuilt once.  The contractor lied to us, tried to get away with using cheaper materials, defended shoddy work, failed to mention items that didn’t pass the inspection, tried to collect payment without ever laying eyes on the “finished” product, the list goes on and on.  So now we have a beautiful deck. The only problem is that we still have to climb out the window to enjoy it.  The contractor wrote the door contract separately from the deck contract, and we weren’t willing to give him another penny to start the door until the deck was actually finished to our satisfaction.  After heated debate, Dave has agreed to cut ties with the contractor and not allow him to do the door.  So, if you can recommend someone who can replace a window with a door, let me know.  We’d like to go on a personal endorsement this time around.

I started my new job this week, and I couldn’t be more excited about it.  The kids are going to have a blast in the STEM lab.  It will be so rewarding to teach a class where there are no testing pressures or grades.  The kids will be learning and exploring for the sheer fun of it.  How great is that?!

We are off to Charlottesville to spend time at the beautiful Awad farm.  It will be great to relax before our lives get even crazier.



2 thoughts on “Because There is More to Life

  1. Robyn; I would recommend Tim Dean of Rolling Ridge Construction. They did my kitchen, master bath and Kelly’s kitchen and a bunch of stuff in her house. His number is: 703-362-1336 or 1(800)937-5184. Tell him I sent you to him. Love you, Auntie

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