We were heading out to dinner one night when I looked down at Dave’s feet and noticed   that he was wearing his Ugg slippers.  So naturally I asked incredulously, “Are you wearing slippers?!”   I couldn’t help but feel bad when he told me that they were the only thing in which his feet were comfortable.

When Dave had his first line of chemo, one of the drugs caused neuropathy.  I thought this meant numbness, but for Dave it means discomfort and pain.  He was told that it could take months to correct itself.  Now, five months later there are no signs of improvement.  He can’t stand for long periods of time, or if he does he is miserable the next day.  Even driving can make his feet hurt.  I have tried to convince him to go and have a pedicure, but he isn’t at all interested!  So, we are thinking about buying a foot massager from Brookstone.  Anyone ever invested in one?  Any other ideas?



11 thoughts on “Feet

  1. Hi Robyn, There are really soft shoes usually for diabetic feet. Look online as they may be fore comfy for him. Lots of our patients at Anderson Clinic bought them. Ann

  2. I was also going to suggest looking at the diabetic care line for feet. There are lots of stuff. Also, acupuncture might help too.

  3. After reading this post I checked with a friend who has had the same problem with her feet. She said that large doses of vitamin B helped a lot, along with pain medicine. Maybe this will help, or at least worth consideration.

  4. There is a store in Greenbrier shopping center that specializes in shoes for problems of the feet. Dad thinks it is called S and S shoes but not sure!. Tell Dave we will buy him new Uggs anytime he is ready for him. Bet they would love to hear his endorsement as well.

  5. Not sure if they would be as comfortable as his Uggs, but Nike has a new shoe out called the Flyknit. It’s made with a single thread and is super light – supposed to feel more like wearing a sock than a shoe. I think it’s the sneaker are the medalists were wearing at the Olympics. If he wants to try it on, the only store in the area carrying it is Potomac River Running in Reston Town Center. It does come in orange… http://store.nike.com/us/en_us/?l=shop,pdp,ctr-inline/cid-1/pid-582111/pgid-582109

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