Fresh off of a most successful night speaking at the DNC, Michelle Obama has shown again what a strong, intelligent, beautiful woman she is.  Now seems like a good time to share how WE met the first lady.

One day at work, Dave got a message asking him to return a call from the first lady’s office.  I am sure all kinds of crazy thoughts crossed his mind as he picked up the phone.  Mrs. Obama had made arrangements with the Nickelodeon show, iCarly, to appear in a special episode that honors military families focusing primarily on military kids.  Her office wanted to hold a viewing at Hayfield because of its proximity to military bases and the number of military kids attending the school.

On the day of the big event, we were given the choice to stay in our front row seats or sit a little further back but have the opportunity to meet Mrs. Obama.  The kids were all for staying in the front row, but I made the executive decision that we had to take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity.  We stood in this holding area that was almost empty and very quiet.  You felt her arrival minutes before she actually appeared.  Suddenly the hallways were full of her entourage and security.  Dave’s associate principal, Pamela, greeted Mrs. Obama because Dave was out on stage.  Pamela was visibly nervous and Mrs. Obama was so encouraging and supportive telling Pamela that she was doing a great job.  We were introduced to her and chatted briefly.  She talked to the kids and really tried to put everyone at ease.  She is as beautiful in real life as on tv – probably even more so.  She is quick to smile and laugh.  Then she was whisked away by her handlers for more photo ops.

The kids thought it was awesome to meet the first lady, but had they been in their front row seats, they would have gotten high fives from the cast of iCarly which they thought was even cooler.  You can’t win them all.



2 thoughts on “FLOTUS

  1. I would be willing to bet, that in time, you kids will be more inclined to talk about meeting Mrs. Obama than the not meeting personally the ICARLY cast….in time are the key words here.

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