The VMAs, Tanked, and Shower Curtains


Each one of our kids has had the opportunity to do a special trip with their dad.  Samantha and Dave flew out to LA for the Jackass 3D premiere.  Sam walked the red carpet looking much older than her years in her blue mini dress.  She even got hang out with the cast at the after party.  Grant and Dave went to San Francisco and had a blast touring Lucas Arts with the incomparable, Joe Ching.  Grant got to experience video game production from the concept up.  This time it is Parker’s turn.  She loves the show Tanked on Animal Planet.  Dave’s brother is having a tank put in his house and invited Parker and Dave out for the event.  She is having the time of her life.  As a bonus, they were able to attend the VMAs on Thursday night.  Parker and Dave hit Universal Studios on Friday and have also spent time hanging out with Brett and Wayde from the show.  This is a trip she will remember for the rest of her life – spending time with her dad watching Pink fly overhead, riding the Simpson’s ride, chatting with Brett about the Scribble Angel.

You might be wondering what I have been up to while they live the rock star life.  Well, I’ve replaced mildew-y shower curtains and mats, topped off the oil and filled the tires in the cars, and cleaned out Dave’s car.  I’ve finished my “virtual opening” tasks for work, planned, and created a slideshow to share with my students.  Somehow I’ve managed to get myself roped into volunteering for the presidential campaign. I have also been completely wrecked by the Stand Up to Cancer program which aired last night.  100% of your donation goes to cancer research.  Their “dream teams” are doing incredible innovative work.  The success stories are so hopeful, but the losses are so completely devastating.  Will you give?



2 thoughts on “The VMAs, Tanked, and Shower Curtains

  1. Dave’s brother is having an aquarium put in by the same people?? Are Parker and Dave going to be in an episode? I watched part of the Tanked marathon last week, I had never seen the show before, those are some amazing aquariums! How awesome for her! How awesome for each of the kids to have that special trip. Are you going to get your own special trip with him?

    I watched part of Stand Up to Cancer too, I was thinking about Dave during that video made about the mom whose friend made the quilt with all the handprints of the people who were supporting, helping, and rooting for her. If someone made one for Dave it would seriously cover your whole house, between your friends and family; past and present neighbors who wish we could more to help; all the teachers and students and parents whose lives he has touched; and countless other people whose lives your amazing family has graced… Well, just someone would have to spend a lot of time sewing.

  2. jamie,
    yep. dave’s brother has the ATM guys there installing a tank in his “man room”. parker and dave are just watching and loving every minute of it. i do not think they will be making any appearances in the episode!
    dave and i went out to LA in April and had a great time. we do need another trip though. just have to wait for school to get under way a bit first, i suppose.
    i love your thoughts on the quilt for dave. that was so touching. i imagine it would be pretty huge since dave has had a big impact on a lot of people. your description brought tears to my eyes. thank you.

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