Meredith Made Me Cry

I wrote something completely different this morning, but I had to preempt it to show you this.


After school today, three of the most wonderful people I know showed up with this incredibly gorgeous cake made with herbs grown in their garden.  If you can believe it, the cake tastes even better than it looks!  I read the attached note quickly and started to tear up so I said my thank yous and headed back to my classroom.  When I got home, I read the note again and really absorbed the words.  And that is when I cried.  Not sad tears.  Tears of gratitude that someone thinks so kindly of me.  I hope Meredith doesn’t mind if I share part of what she wrote….

“Herbs are like families fighting cancer.  They don’t draw attention to themselves but when they are bashed about a bit, their true beauty and strength comes out.”

It’s okay if you need to go and dab your eyes now.  I understand.



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