Those of you who know our families know that we have an amazing support network.  Dave’s parents have been so supportive even though they live a full day’s car ride away.  They were here for both of his surgeries, paced the waiting room with me, ate bad hospital food, and did whatever they could for all of us to make life easier during those challenging times.  My parents who live twenty minutes down the parkway have been there for us in the day to day.  They have made MANY trips to the orthodontist, pediatrician, orthopedist, and dentist.  They have run errands for us, watched kids, and attended any and all kid events.

When school started back up this fall, my mom made the most generous and greatly appreciated offer.  She said she would be happy (or at least willing) to make dinner for us once a week.  We decided on Wednesdays since I work later on that day and we also tend to have evening events.  Usually I come home to a kitchen with snack dishes in the sink and general disorder.  At best I come home to a clean kitchen with an empty sink and stove.  Yesterday, my kitchen had a yummy array of food for dinner – shepherd’s pie, broccoli, a delicious salad with jicama, mandarin oranges and almonds as well as brownies and fresh fruit for dessert.  It was so nice to not have to think about dinner but to just sit down and enjoy a family meal before we rushed off to our different events.  What an incredible gift – not just the meal which we very much enjoyed, but also the gift of time.  We could enjoy a half hour of family togetherness gathered around the table.  Then Parker and Dave took Winston to puppy class, and Samantha and I went to a college event.  Dinner was the respite from the day and a chance to recharge and reconnect before we headed out again.

This morning I noticed brownie crumbs on the counter.  This is the conversation that followed between Dave and me.

Me: I can’t believe someone is eating brownies for breakfast.

Dave: Are the brownies not supposed to be eaten?

Me: No, it’s fine if they are eaten but not for breakfast.

At this point I looked over at Dave who had a plate with telltale brownie crumbs covering it which he was sliding to the side of the table.

Me: Oh.



11 thoughts on “Parents

  1. Oh come on, haven’t you ever heard Bill Cosby’s “Chocolate Cake for Breakfast” bit?? As long as he’s chasing the brownies with a glass of milk, I think he’s good to go. 🙂

  2. Some of the best breakfasts are leftover desserts. My dad loves apple pie ala mode for breakfast when he can have it. Come to think of it, he likes pumpkin pie with whipped cream, too. I say go for the brownies, Dave!

  3. I am a true believer in the Bill Cosby theory of Chocolate cake for breakfast. I am not usually a fan of cake in general, but would consider carrot cake a breakfast nosh and as Robyn has said pumpkin pie for breakfast in simply a fabulous way to start the day…I actually prefer it then as opposed to dinner but frankly would not turn it down at any time of day….think of all the veggies and milk in there, what could be wrong with that???

  4. Dave called us yesterday on his way home, to thank us for the best Shepard’s pie he had ever had. Funny, he didn’t mention the brownies!!! I always have fruit for him in case he won’t imbibe in the other choice which is never exactly on us diabetics’ list of must haves. So good to know he caves on occasion like the rest of us!

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