Scan Alert

This is a shout out to our prayer warriors, our “sending good vibes” peeps and our positive thinkers.  Dave has his next scan on Tuesday, September 25th.  Let’s keep up the good work and get great news on Wednesday!

I appreciate all the supportive responses I am reading on the blog, and I just want to reassure everyone that hope is alive and well in our house.  We truly live in a place of hope.  Wandering down the dark alley of “what ifs” would surely keep me from ever sleeping again.  So, we keep optimistic and appreciate all that you are doing from your different corners of the world.

All my love,



10 thoughts on “Scan Alert

  1. We will definitely be thinking our most positive thoughts on Tuesday and sending the healthiest vibes possible. Stay positive; it’s the only way to be. 🙂

  2. I am sorry we won’t be in town, but the Claxtons and your Dad and I will be hitting our knees this week more than ever. I will say it again and again, I do believe in the power of prayers and in miracles as well and with your very large prayer Army around the globe, you will be well surrounded with positive thoughts and huge amounts of love.

  3. The Fetter household is thinking of you on this Tuesday. Even Java and Misty are throwing in their positive thoughts as well. Praying for good news.

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