Highs and Lows

At the dinner table, we have a tradition in which each person tells about their highs and lows for the day.  These are mine for today.

High – That’s easy.  Dave’s scan news was good.  His tumors remain unchanged in size and number.  In other words, stable disease.  There is a possibility that some of the tumors could be scarring which would indicate they are dying.  I am so hopeful that this is what is happening.  He has two more rounds of chemo to go, and then we will discuss what the next plan of attack is.

Low – Electronic communication from school.  I got two emails from Samantha’s school saying that she was marked absent from a class.  She swears she was there, and I believe her.  The schools also send interims via email every two weeks.  So, every two weeks I get to see how many assignments Grant has failed to turn in.  I think life was less stressful when you didn’t really know what your kids were up to at school in the day-to-day!

Bonus High – It’s Wednesday.  “Mom/Grammy makes dinner” night.  Now Mom is out of town, but those of you who know her won’t be surprised to hear that she made it ahead of time so I could just heat it up tonight.  Tonight’s menu is roast beef, baby red potatoes, cucumber salad, green beans, and homemade applesauce.  She also provided pudding and/or fresh fruit for dessert.  The fresh fruit didn’t make it until tonight though.  It has already been gobbled up.  The whole family is excited about Wednesday night dinners.  We are very fortunate folks.



7 thoughts on “Highs and Lows

  1. You definitely have a great mom. So, glad Dave’s scan was good. And yes school has gone to a little too much information. Have a nice relaxing evening!

  2. We are overjoyed about the scan results.
    I remember seeing a ton of absences on report cards and you and your brother telling me it was because you had to get from one side of the school to the other. By the time you got there attendance was taken and sent to the office; so it never got adjusted from absent to tardy. BUT I only knew that at end of semesters. Then there were the interims… that I never got after the first two …since Steve signed all your brothers which blew my mind… So it wouldn’t ruin his weekend plans! So at least you know so you can yank Grant’s chain immediately!
    Glad you are enjoying Wednesday dinners…tell all that my goal is to include everyone’s Grammy favorite eventually…so Grant will eventually get his mashed potatoes etc. so everyone needs to advise me of their favs! We love you!

  3. Pam, you are so special! I can see why you qualified for the “Bonus High.” Robyn, you are blessed to have such a special mom. Nancy

  4. Wahooo! So glad to read of the scan results. I kept saying to myself “We’ll know more on Wednesday” and all of a sudden, I realized it was THURSDAY. When I logged into the blog, I was so thrilled. Since I can’t quite do a happy dance yet, I danced in my head. Hope you all have a great weekend.

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