A Never Ending Cycle

I know I have said it before but it bears repeating – side effects suck.   Today I touched base with two women who are currently undergoing chemo.  Both are suffering from the debilitating side effects.  I can’t even begin to imagine how tough it is.

Dave also had chemo this week.  Round #23.  He is exhausted and his stomach is in knots.   He has random bruises and rashes.   The most troubling side effect for him recently is “chemo brain”.  He is forgetting things.  Names of people.  Where he left something.  He misplaced his brand new jacket from LL Bean.   He bought it for himself recently, pleased with how perfectly it fit.  It’s not at home.  It’s not in his car or at work.  So, he probably left it in a restaurant or at a game.  He beat himself up over its loss.  And then in his distress he even turned on me.  His frustration with his memory issues was so great that in his irrational state he thought I might be hiding his things from him on purpose.  It is a vicious circle in which to live.  The chemo keeps the tumors under control.  The chemo causes barely bearable side effects.  Thank goodness for off weeks.

I think I have convinced him to take it easy this weekend.  That it is not a sign of weakness to lay low or veg out in front of the TV.  That being fatigued does not help with memory.  So, here’s to a weekend of hanging around the house, watching movies, playing games and napping.  (Fingers crossed.)




12 thoughts on “A Never Ending Cycle

  1. 😦 sorry. I had really, really bad “pregnancy brain” and couldn’t function well at ALL. I can only imagine that his is worse than that.
    Do you have Netflix? Really great options for watching movies and old TV shows on your computer for $7.99/month. Maybe he can find a man cave with wireless service and watch a show he’s forgotten he already saw?
    Love you friend.

  2. He does have a bit of a history losing things – pre chemo! Hang in there. Call the lost and found at any restaurant. You might luck out and get it back. Ann

  3. Robyn – Could Dave of taken his coat to the dry cleaners by mistake. I can’t imagine the hurt you must feel at times. Have you checked with “Cupcake?” Just kidding! Sandy M.

  4. Sandy, Cup is a truly big drooler it is Winnie Pig who is the chewer and a drooler!….. Robyn, Your brother was famous for leaving things in restaurants as well. And how many sets of keys of Dave’s have gone to “the borrowers under the floor in the past 20 years?”
    Tell Dave, you never know, maybe the birthday fairy will bring him a new jacket?(was it a transitional one or a winter one?) We are sorry to be responsible for his trip to SAS this weekend but Dad says he thinks it may have been worth it as Dave seemed so happy with his ” early b.day present Shoes”! We love you guys!

    • yea. if it was just losing things i don’t think either one of would be overly worried. it is the forgetfulness in general especially with words and names. it is kind of alarming especially to him. maybe the birthday fairy will bring him a jacket. you never know.

      dave is THRILLED with his new shoes and how comfortable they are. and they are not hideous either which is a bonus! thanks to dad for taking him and to both of you for his early bday gift.

  5. Robyn, I just want you to know that I am thinking of you and Dave during this difficult time. Even though I don’t often know what to say or how to make it better, just know that we are here for you at anytime. If you need to send Grant over for a few days each week, we would be happy to have him. 🙂

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