Life is Like a Bowl of Jellybeans

ImageThrough assorted communications, people have said that they don’t know what to do to help us.  But the thing is you ARE helping.  I imagine our lives as a giant bowl full of jelly beans.  (Bear with me, this will make sense in a minute.) I share what is going on with us through this blog.  And you read.  And you comment, or email, or message.  You call and leave supportive messages.  When you see us, you tell us how you are thinking about us and ask about recent events.  Each time that happens, its like you are taking a few of the jelly beans from our bowl.  You help us bear the weight of our burden.  And our bowl is less full.  Thank you for ALL you are doing to help us.  We love you.



7 thoughts on “Life is Like a Bowl of Jellybeans

  1. I bet you can guess my favorite flavor! Wish I could take the entire bowl off your hands. Boss is in Italy next week and I would LOVE to go to our favorite favorite coffee place if you are up for it. Let me know. Until then, embrace ALL the favors as each one is unique and has something different to offer. Always thinking of you!!

  2. So yesterday the girls went shopping and came home with a couple of boxes of those “bean boozled” jelly beans. You know those? Where there are two identical white ones int he box and one is coconut and the other tastes like baby wipes? If we could, we would gladly relieve you of the canned dog-food and pencil-shavings and moldy-cheese jelly beans in your bowl.

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