Half a Breath

We were barreling around the beltway.  It was late, too late to be out, and we were tired.  We were heading to the retreat which I was dreading and tensions were a little high.  The discussion was centered around a variety of topics, most of which would have been better tackled at a different time and place.  I suddenly realized that I was all but holding my breath.  I was aware of my lungs filling but not fully and of my hands gripping the steering wheel in tight J shapes.  I started to wonder how often I walk around like that – taking half a breath.  The great thing about awareness is that you can then do something about it.  And sometimes you literally have to remind yourself to breathe.




One thought on “Half a Breath

  1. I totally get that you are sometimes feeling like the Bluto (PopEye and Olive Oyl’s nemesis) punching bag from my youth! Perhaps you actually need one so you can do the hitting, occasionally! HMMMM maybe the Christmas fairy will keep that in mind! Call me crazy, but am having trouble visualizing the tight J shaped grip, but just keep breathing baby girl! And PLEASE keep writing this blog as it not only helps you vent your feelings but you are teaching us all how to be better people under unimaginable stress! xoxo

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