Because There is More to Life


Things that I am thankful for this week:

Gross flavored jelly beans from a friend who has been there and gets me.

Hearts of palm and purple peppers in my salad Wednesday night.

A daughter who is going to interview at CNU tomorrow – her first choice school

Funny Quotes from the week:

Samantha was giving me a little attitude about something, and Parker witnessed the exchange.  When Sam left the room, I asked Parker if she was going to talk to me that way when she is 17.  She said, “I don’t want to but sometimes instinct just takes over.”

Grant upon returning from the Homecoming Dance informed us that his “hips hurt from all the thrusting from dancing.”  We are just glad he didn’t get kicked out of the dance.

Things I am thankful for always:

My amazing family

Laughing with friends old and new

A job I love with the added bonus of having Tuesdays and Fridays off



1 thought on “Because There is More to Life

  1. Dad and I are so happy that you and Samantha are on your way today to begin Sam’s future college journey! I have such fond memories of the trips I made with you and Matt to search for the right fit in colleges for each of you. You both did the best job in finding the perfect places to fulfill your dreams! Now it is Samantha’s turn and you will have some very exciting and fun moments to share with her while she makes her choice! Just avoid at all costs the Reeses Pieces today while in the car! And that, my friends, is an inside joke between Robyn, Nicola, another friend from Stamford High School for girls and I from way back when!!!! xoxo

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