Stranger Than Fiction

I wasn’t going to write anything tonight because frankly I am tired.  But my mind is spinning with thoughts so I decided that this might be a good way to slow the old thinker down.  I had a GREAT day.  I worked with different groups of first, second and fourth graders on assorted activities.  All of the kids were engaged and excited about what they were doing.  The first graders brainstormed what they are going to teach their peers about recycling and Terracycling based on a lesson I did with them last week.  They are so excited to be the “experts”.  I worked on observation skills with two very different groups of second graders who were equally insightful and amazing.  I taught a lesson on the design cycle to the fourth graders all while holding Sandy, the corn snake.  The kids amazed me with their designs, teamwork, enthusiasm and focus.  I also wrote my first grant application.  Fingers crossed that they will pick my application and give the school some money!  Tonight when I got home, I sat down and reflected on a professional development book that the resource team is reading.  I made a mind map that reminded me of the fun GUIs from the movie Stranger Than Fiction. Professionally and intellectually, I would give today an A+.

Dave had a very different day.  He spent the day getting treatment #12 of his Folfiri and Ramucirumab combo.  When he entered the infusion suite and sat down in his chair, he thought at first that there was a young boy sitting in the chair next to him.  It turned out to be a very tiny, frail woman.  Dave said her hair was very very short, and she had a blanket pulled all the way up to her bruised sunken eyes.  Over the course of the day, he got to talking to her as seems to happen when you are sharing the same pod for many hours.  He found her to be the most positive and uplifting person.  What a stark contrast to the lively, healthy children by whom I was surrounded today.

Dave was exhausted when he got home tonight.  He stayed awake long enough to eat dinner and then headed back to bed.  During that brief time, we shared about our days.  A crazy disparity.



2 thoughts on “Stranger Than Fiction

  1. Life is a series of hills and valleys! Every other Wednesday seems to be a valley day at your home. Hopefully we picked the perfect day of the week for “the Grammy’s dinners” to lift a few spirits along the way! Interested in this weeks feed back on the two new menu items. Always know that we are here anytime we are needed and we love you guys soooo much! We hope Dave was able to get a good night’s sleep…know that is hard for you as you listen to his pump work its “magic” for two nights. It will be nice to have some fun time soon for all of you! Mom

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