These little girls were fast friends.  They played hide and seek.  They giggled and ran around.  They created games of their own.  All without being able to speak to each other.  One speaks english while the other speak swedish.  It was truly amazing to witness how that obstacle did not stand in their way.

We have had the best time this week.  I have heard stories old and new.  There were tons of laughs shared.  Dave and his college roommate, whom he has not seen in nearly 25 years, fell right in where they left off.  Other college friends joined them for assorted activities during the week.  My favorite part was watching the former tennis team mates on the campus at USC reminiscing about old times and the great fun they had.  Jan’s kids also got to trick or treat for the first time, and Camden does Halloween BIG.

It has been the perfect break and escape.  Next week brings another scan and then some serious decision making.  Luckily, there hasn’t been much time to focus on that this week.  We’ve been too busy making new memories.



2 thoughts on “Friendship

  1. Robyn, your comments about roommates make me think about Pam and myself. We don’t get together very often (darn it) but we can just start where we left off and keep on going. Nothing like good friends!

  2. You could drop Parker anywhere and she would find a friend. Hope it was a wonderful respite and best time. Hi to Jan and family. Love, Ann

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