A New Friend


Yesterday I met up with a friend of a friend for a late afternoon coffee/snack date.  My friend, Lori, connected me with her friend, J, when J was diagnosed with breast cancer earlier this year.  We have exchanged messages here and there, but it was so nice to finally meet her in person.  I am awed by J’s strength and resilience.  Hers is not an easy path, but she seems to be handling it with so much fortitude and grace.

We talked about her cancer.  We talked about Dave’s cancer.  We talked about how very hard it is to ask others for help.  We talked about parents and their roles in the journey.  Eventually we talked about the big decision Dave is faced with this week – whether to continue chemo, take a break or go on a lesser chemo regimen.  It was so good to hear her perspective as someone going through the trials of chemo.  It is easy for me to get caught up in what I think is best, but it was so vital for me to hear from her how much a cancer patient longs for normalcy.  How great it would be to taste things normally or not feel neuropathy or not have the bad days that follow each infusion.

Dave has his scan tomorrow and then will likely talk to Dr. S at some point later in the day.  I know that he will make the best decision for himself and for our family.  After all, at every twist and turn on this journey, he has done exactly that.



PS J also delivered a t-shirt from Lori for Dave.  He will be modeling it this weekend at a gathering.  Pictures to follow.  :

4 thoughts on “A New Friend

  1. Yesterday I got news of my on again off again love of my life girlfriend.(strained relationship).. She has told me that she has stage 3 colon cancer.. I’m heart broken.she dosent want me around and I’m feeling empty. Don’t know what to do

    • I am so sorry to hear about your love. My unsolicited advice is to let her know that you are there for her whatever she needs, whenever she needs it. Then I think you have to back off no matter how hard that is for you. It has to be about her right now. And then, periodically, maybe you could call/email/text to let her know you are thinking about her. Best of luck and prayers for both of you. This is not an easy road.

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