Staying the Course

Image“Hi Dave,

So the scan was fine.. Ill call you later regarding the possibilities.  One spot a mm or two bigger, another smaller, all of which we call in the standard error of measurement of the scan (think romney obama 51 49 but the error is +/-5 points), so the same and all dead tumor spots, which is good and perfect in my regards. I will call you later today between stuff I have to do at the hospital and voting.”


Dave got this email yesterday from his doctor.  It is essentially what we have been seeing over the last couple of scans – stable disease.  The “all dead tumor spots” was new information and got our hopes up that a chemo break might be possible.  When Dr. S. called Dave later in the evening, he said that he still has live tumor cells in his body.  Armed with this information and the fact that he can’t continue the drug trial unless he stays the course, Dave has decided to continue his full chemo regimen for now.  

Dave’s wonderful sister, Kris, went with him to his appointment today since I was stuck in a day long training for our Title I program.  She and I brainstormed a bunch of questions about taking a chemo break, maintenance chemo and staying on the current treatment plan.  It is so valuable to have as much information from as many different experts as possible because in all likelihood, Dave is going to NEED a break from all of this.  He is also going to consult with the doctor he saw at Johns Hopkins to get her opinion too.  

For now, we keep chugging along.  I am one part relieved that the protocol that is working for Dave is going to continue, and I am two parts disappointed for Dave that he doesn’t get to have that normalcy he wants so much.





3 thoughts on “Staying the Course

  1. So glad to hear about Dave’s new scan results. They appear to be positive for which we always pray. I will pray for Dave to have the strength to endure more chemo and that God will give him a new normalcy that Dave can bear. Think of you all often.

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