Because There is More to Life


I am tired and crabby and stressed.  No one in my family has escaped unscathed.  And it is not for the reasons you would think.  It started with staying up way too late watching the election results Tuesday night, and culminated with a parent/teacher conference at the high school today.  Friday.  at 4:00.  In between there was a tree removal that involved a crane over the house, an electrician who wouldn’t stop chatting with me while I was paying him by the hour, a door that STILL hasn’t been installed, and a car that wouldn’t start.  Bring on the weekend.

We are looking forward to some down time/recovery time, a reunion dinner and sleep glorious sleep.



4 thoughts on “Because There is More to Life

  1. I wish you happy naps my friend! Of anything you are going through – being tired is the one thing I can understand – it makes everything else 10x worse. Make the house cozy, eat soup for lunch, and snuggle in with something soft. Sweet dreams!

  2. I hope you enjoy a relaxing weekend! Btw – the tree removal involving the huge crane over your house was Jack’s dream come true! Wyatt was also quite fascinated but managed a brief nap despite all the racket.

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