While we have been hunkering down in our foxhole fighting the good fight, so much has been going on to which we have been oblivious.  I had an opportunity to catch up with a friend this week whom I apparently haven’t talked to in a LONG time.  So many events have transpired in the last six months especially – parent stuff, health stuff, kid stuff.  I feel bad that I was so clueless.  Being in the presence of cancer makes you pretty self-centered and selfish.  I spend way too much time thinking about what is going on with us and not enough thinking about others.  I think I need to reenter the world from time to time to check in.  



3 thoughts on “Oblivious

  1. Roybn – Your friends know how busy you are. You only have so many hours in the day to handle all of life’s daily requirements. We all love you and want you to take care of yourself as well as Dave and the kids. How about lunch after Thanksgiving??? Sandy M.

  2. I’m sure anyone you need to catch up with would be understanding as to why you missed something. Sometimes you need to be self centered. And it’s OK to be that way for extended periods, because it is what you need.

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