Why Doctors Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Call on Fridays

ImageYesterday my mind was so very heavy, first and foremost, with the events that happened in Connecticut.  It is all so beyond my comprehension.  To a much lesser degree, I was bothered by this message left by Dave’s endocrinologist on our voicemail.

“Hi David.  Dr. __________ calling.  Got your blood work back.  A1C was 7.2 which is pretty good.  Holding stable from last time.  Couple of other things though.  One is that your thyroid is messed up again so I think it is time to treat it.  I’m going to send in a prescription for __________  60 micrograms once a day tab to the Express Scripts.  And also one of your liver tests came back pretty high.  Normal is up to about 50.  Yours was 100.  I will send that on to the other doctor to look at.  And if you can come see me in 3 months instead of 6 we can check thyroid again.  Thanks.”

That raised more questions than it answered.  Scan Monday morning and follow up oncologist appointment Tuesday, so I guess we can ask our questions then.  Doctors really shouldn’t call on Fridays.



4 thoughts on “Why Doctors Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Call on Fridays

  1. Good grief, I’m sure that didn’t give way to a stressfree weekend! You’re in our thoughts, always.

    The first thing Nick said when he got in yesterday was, “Which state does Robyn teach in?” and I saw his relief when I told him. (His knowledge of US geog isn’t brilliant). It’s a terrible, horrible, tragic event and our hearts and prayers go out to that community. Unthinkable. 😦

  2. Oh, Robyn, that sucks. Bedside manner is not his strength, but I hope that his medical expertise is worth it. We are thinking of you and send you and Dave our love from afar.

    • thanks, levy. this particular doctor has always rubbed me the wrong way. dave only sees him a couple of times a year for his diabetes thankfully. we should know more on tuesday about the significance or not of what he left in his message.

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