Several things to be thankful for today.  Some more important than others.  Dave’s procedure went really well.  The abscess had not gone very far into the muscle which is a good thing.  The doctor did mention that healing might take a little longer since the tissue under the abscess had disintegrated.  She didn’t really have an explanation for this and seemed a little perplexed.  The abscess is not cancer related or probably even chemo related.  It is apparently just “one of those things”.  It could happen to any of us.  There is a chance it could happen again, but we are going to assume it won’t!  One thing is for sure, Dave is going to be SO much more comfortable once he has healed from all of this.  He is currently feeling no pain since the anesthesia is still in his system.  Hopefully the pain meds will keep everything under control later.

I am also thankful for Dr. Spira and his team.  They called today and have Dave set up to come in next week for labs and an appointment.  The plan is to get him back on the chemo schedule the week of January 7th.  I am glad they are so proactive and taking an aggressive approach to his treatment.  We think he will be able to go back on the trial as well as the regular chemo regimen but will know for sure next week.

Finally, I am thankful that our great team of cleaning ladies was able to get rid of every last pine needle that had invaded every nook and cranny in our living room.  It was our tallest tree and probably our nicest shaped tree ever but it was also the tree that died the quickest.  This, in part,was helped along by the puppy who loved to chew the lower branches and drink the water out of the tree stand.

Happy weekend everybody!



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