Goodbye 2012


I’ve been reflecting back on the past year.  Although we didn’t get the remission that we hoped for, I am grateful that Dave is doing as well as he is.  We’ve witnessed Samantha’s excitement as she first toured and then applied to colleges.  This year also brought us Winston – not much more to say about that!  2012 also brought me a new job that has renewed in me a love of teaching and learning.

I have heard that you should spend New Year’s Day doing the very things that you would like to be doing the rest of the year.  So here a few things I WON’T be doing tomorrow…



stressing about time and money

stressing about health and what-ifs and treatment plans

stressing about Grant’s homework efforts

Here are the things that I plan on doing tomorrow and hopefully throughout 2013…

sleeping soundly

solving the daily crossword

enjoying family time


walking the dogs



Mostly, I am feeling hopeful about what the new year will bring.

Happy New Year!



4 thoughts on “Goodbye 2012

  1. Happy New Year Robyn. I’m sure my wish for you is the same as everyone else’s – for good health and happiness. Love to you all. xxx

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