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ImageToday we went to see Dr. Spira to discuss Dave’s chemo treatments.  We are all in agreement that it makes sense to go off of the trial.  Basically, if he stays on the trial, he would 1) have to have a scan that shows no tumor growth while he was off and 2) he wouldn’t be able to resume any treatment until the end of January.  The drug trial protocol is pretty strict.  Instead, he will restart his folfiri regimen which is what he has been on since May.  Once he is fully healed, he will add Avastin back to the mix.  Avastin works in a very similar way to Ramucirumab (trial drug) but is already approved.  In fact, he was on Avastin during his first line of chemotherapy last year.  It was thought that Avastin isn’t effective in second line treatment but more evidence is changing that way of thinking.  I continue to believe that we are in the right hands and the decisions we are making are the only ones that make sense.



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