Sweet Child of Mine


I have been blessed with three amazing kids – very similar in many ways but also extremely different.  Parker is my sweet sweet natured child. She is the kindest person you will probably ever meet.  This years “wish list” had 27 items on it, but she was quick to let me know that they were just suggestions and she certainly didn’t want or expect all of them.  The items ranged from a “blank notebook to draw in” to an oboe and an ipod.  Santa brought her an ipod, and we rented her an oboe and signed her up for some lessons.  She was THRILLED.  Over and over, she proclaimed it the best Christmas ever.

With her sweet nature, Parker is also extremely sensitive.  I got a call from her teacher earlier this year to let me know that Parker started to cry during class.  They were reading a story. Apparently the story got her thinking about Samantha leaving for college and how she wasn’t going to see her as much.  (She cherishes ever minute her older brother and sister spend with her.  I know they have no idea how much little kindnesses such as inviting her to the mall or asking her to play a game mean.)  Parker also worries about Cupcake getting older and that he is going to die someday.  But the most heartbreaking event happened this week.  She came into our room after having a bad dream and told Dave she could never imagine having another dad and doesn’t want anything to happen to him.  At nine years old, she carries the weight of the world on her little shoulders.



7 thoughts on “Sweet Child of Mine

  1. Oh Parker! That made me cry. Tell her she’s in good company – Hannah is the same way! She told me one night a year ago (at age 4) that she worried about her sisters and always wanted them to be okay.

  2. Parker is just like her mom. Very sweet and kind to everyone. I wished we had more adults like her in this crazy world.

  3. Wow Roboyn considering what you aare going thorugh that had to almosdt floor you. she is extremely sensitive hug her a lot Love you Aunt C

  4. Wow! She is the light we should all be following…sometimes her sensitivity is a challenge to those of us who have become a bit salty; however it comes from such a pure heart that her “Grammy” vows to do what she can to insure she stays as sweet, pure and honest as she has always been! She is sooo like her Mama! I am Hugely blessed by God for my wonderful and precious family! Love to all, Mom and Grammy

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