Inspiration and Eggs Benedict

ImageRemember the five other couples we met at the Johns Hopkins retreat?  (  We met up with two of the couples today for brunch.  I was equal parts looking forward to it and dreading it.  I find that I don’t really like to expose myself to anything that might permeate the bubble in which I choose to live.  We sat and chatted and brunched and caught up.  Two hours flew by in the blink of an eye.

D, the oldest member of our group, had noticeably lost weight.  He was in the hospital in December for pleurisy.  Turns out for the last three years, he has had cancer related challenges around his birthday.  This year was no different.  He has a tumor on his back which has started to grow and so he is now back on a chemo regimen that he swore he would never do again because the side effects are so awful.

J, the only female patient in our group, looked great.  I thought she looked even more lovely than when we met her in October.  She revealed that her last two scans were not good.  She has been through lots of different chemo regimens many of which stopped working.  She said she is hopeful that this one will make a difference for her.  When she hugged me goodbye she got very teary eyed and emotional.  It made me worry about how “not good” her scans are.

Once again, I was humbled and reminded that while we may find our path challenging and tiring, there are others out there who are forging ahead through so much more.  They are doing so with grace and humor and tenacity.



2 thoughts on “Inspiration and Eggs Benedict

  1. Sometimes I need to remind myself that “but for the grace of God, go I”. You never know how a person’s life differs from what you see, so I tell myself to always be grateful for what I have, and to give someone, not acting their best, a bit of slack!

    This circle of friends that you are now a part of, sound wonderful and you are all facing life’s challenges in the best way you know how, I am sure! The fact that some have been doing so for nearly a decade is amazing and yet they still carry on their lives as normally as is possible. You all deserve the best that God has to offer as you teach us so much about living lives in strength, hope and dignity. Hugs to all, Mom

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