Do You Hear the People Sing?

This arrived in the mail today.


I texted a picture of it to Sam and got this response.


So I opened it and saw this.


It’s hard to read but it says “Congratulations” at the bottom.

Samantha is over the moon happy.  She says she is going to wait to hear from William & Mary, but I think that in her heart she knows exactly where she wants to be in the fall.  We are SO excited for her.  Today is a definitely a good day.



9 thoughts on “Do You Hear the People Sing?

  1. It is such a techy moment! She texted us 2 words! I’M IN! I answered back AWESOME!!! They are lucky to have you!
    We are so happy for her and nothing has changed since 1959 when I was racked with anxiety awaiting the news of my future as well. Well that’s not true; the postage and costs are way different, and I think the lives of this generation have so much more stress as well! We are so happy for her to have her shot at an amazing future! Watch out world, Samantha will make a difference for all of us!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS Samantha!!!!!!!! I knew she would get in. Get the check book ready the fun is about to begin. Congratulations to you and Dave You guys have soooo much to be happy for today. Now does Parker or Grant get the bigger bedroom??? haha

  3. I was behind in reading the blog. I am SO happy to learn of Sam’s acceptance. Of course I would also love to think of her my beloved W &. M but wherever she goes, they will be the winners from the glimpses you’ve given us of Sam. I think this speaks to parents who really get the thing about giving our children wings! Bravo to Samantha.

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