Sleepless in the Suburbs


I swear that I don’t sleep.  I toss and turn and am very aware of any and all noises or movement in the house – from the dogs wandering to Dave’s breathing next to me.  My mind isn’t racing and I am not stressed, but I am aware of not being asleep.  When the alarm goes off, I am tired and convinced that I have barely managed to catch a wink.  Yet I go to work, shuttle kids around, help with homework, cook dinner, throw in some laundry, listen to music practice or quiz somebody on vocabulary, and run errands while I feel totally fine.  So I must be getting sleep.  I wonder if I dream that I am laying in bed unable to drift off? 




2 thoughts on “Sleepless in the Suburbs

  1. I do the same thing. Not every night – but for the last couple of nights in a row. The way I feel – I think it’s definitely sleeplessness – not a dream. I hope you are able to shake it off and get some sleep soon!

  2. Is it every night or just the nights you listen to the whooshes of the black pack? That, you have said brings a double edged sword: both hope and reality! Maybe you need earphones with soft, endearing music or the wash of waves to lull you to sleep. You will figure it out, you always do; but we hope you will get the rest you so deserve and need so you can be at your best for the tasks at hand! xoxo Mom

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