Grant Part 2


When Grant was in the second grade, he would come home talking about his friend, Sean Michael.  He would ask me weekly if Sean Michael could come over to play.  Not being the biggest fan of playdates, I would say some along the lines of “Sure.  One of these days I’ll call his mom and set it up.”  And then another week or month would go by.  Eventually Grant pretty much stopped asking.  That spring, we got a note home from the school saying that the class would not be celebrating Mother’s Day since a mom of one of the students had died recently.  (You know where this is going right?)  I casually asked Grant if he might know whose mom it was.  He said he didn’t.  A few days later he came home and announced that he knew whose it was.  Sean Michael’s.  I asked him how he could be sure, and he said that at school that day he told Sean Michael that I needed his mom’s phone number to set up a playdate.  Sean told him he couldn’t give it to him because his mom was dead.  She died from breast cancer the August before second grade.  I may never NOT feel guilty about the many times I could have had him over that I just didn’t bother.  All those times he probably would have benefitted from doing something fun.  He spent lots of time with us that summer and was such a natural addition to our family.  The boys were two peas in a pod.

Sean’s dad relocated to Virginia from Texas with his wife and they moved with Sean about an hour away.  That was 7 years ago.  Grant and Sean probably talk to each other on the phone most nights of the week.  They play video games and computer games together.  When there is a break from school or a long weekend, they hatch out a plan to get together.  During the summer, they are usually lucky enough to have week long visits.

I will forever be impressed by two young men who have managed to remain best buddies over the years and distance.  They are still two peas in a pod.  Sometimes we’ll hear a laugh from the basement and won’t be sure who made it.  I am very proud of them both and the men they are becoming.  People are put into your life for a reason, but you have to be able to recognize that and act on it.  In some ways, they are mature beyond their 14 years.

PS Scan on Monday.




4 thoughts on “Grant Part 2

  1. Robyn – You and Dave have raised an amazing son. Grant and Sean will be friends for life not because of what you did or didn’t do earlier. They chose to keep close because they are great friends who happen to have great respect for each other. Thinking of you and Dave on Monday!

  2. Those two boys are amazing! They are the same build and from a distance it is hard to tell who is who. When Sean is in in residence he is part of the family and comes along for outings and dinners at our house. He calls us Grammy and PopPop and puts up with our teasing right along with the other three and gets in line for hugs and kisses when they leave.
    Even though they do not see one another often, they just pick up where they left off.

    My dear friend, Polly, has been in my life since 4th grade. I was their 4th daughter and never needed to knock on their door. I felt so at home there that I knew I could ask their Mom(Jane) anything and I would get a straight answer. Their family gave me the greatest gift…. a sense of humour and the ability to see the funny side of any situation, and to know when I was being ridiculous and sensitive. Basically, I learned not to sweat the small stuff because of their family and so did my sister who learned those things right along with me.
    I learned a lot of “other things” there as well i.e., how to make alcoholic drinks on command and great “starters” for Happy hour(some of which I still serve today!). I honed my list of swear words at Jane’s feet, and learned the words to some Naughty songs we discovered in the basement stack of records while Polly and I kid sat for her sisters.

    We have been through great times, and sad times together and I wouldn’t change a thing. Things got harder when her Mom and I drove her to VA to attend “finishing school” for her list year of high school and two years of college. He family also moved to Chagrin Falls, OH(the home of Tim Conway, by the way)But we would visit with each other for periods of time in summers.
    She was in my wedding, and Paul and I flew in from VA for hers and went on their honeymoon with them(dinner and a double header Cleveland Browns football game). We talked so much all 4 of us missed the congratulatory message her Dad had put on the then equivalent of the Jumbotron.

    Our husbands were both in the Military, so we kept up with each other as best we could from different parts of the world, not because of having to but because we wished to be in each others lives. For many years we were surrogate parents to their oldest daughter, Kelly, who moved here with her Army Husband. We saw their first grandchild within hours of his birth, and I rushed the many photos to a hr photo shop and cried as I mailed them that is wasn’t right that we saw him before they did. They eventually moved to N. VA too and now we live about a mile apart and the friends we have made at the rec center pool call us the Bickersons as we fuss at each other as siblings do. But now they are moving 4 hours South to their farm and we won’t see them as often. But we will stay in touch as we need each other and love each other to pieces!

    Basically we have gone through a lot together, and I believe that Sean and Grant have that bond as well. I am glad they have found each other and hope and pray that their friendship will be as long and and loving as the one that Polly and I have forged through the years. If that happens, I will be a Happy girl knowing that they have each other’ backs and they will fit the adage, “He ain’t heavy…He’s my brother!”

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