All’s Quiet in the Western Suburbs

Dave had a scan on Monday.  Unfortunately his oncologist is out of town.  But because Dr. Spira is a caring doctor, he got a look at the scan report and emailed Dave.  In a nutshell he said, “The progression of cancer growth is minimal although clear.”  Disappointing but not altogether surprising since Dave was off of chemo for almost six weeks.  The plan is to add Avastin back to the mix this week and hope that stops the tumor growth.  



2 thoughts on “All’s Quiet in the Western Suburbs

  1. It is comforting to think maybe this means the aggressiveness of the cancer has been slowed. I will pray that my angels in combination with the drug willSTOP the growth entirely. A reserved happy dance!

  2. Robin I am so happy to hear that the news is not so bad. We have been praying a lot that the scan would be a good one. Hopefully adding the other drug back in will help. Thinking of you and Dave and the rest of the family.

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