Living with Cancer

ImageI have had a slight change in mindset recently.  Two times recently I have said out loud “Dave is living with cancer and will be living with cancer for the rest of his life.”  Please don’t interpret this as me giving up hope.  I HOPE that the “rest of his life” will be a long long time.  I HOPE that one of these chemo drugs will stop the tumors dead in their tracks.  But for whatever reason, I need to acknowledge the reality that he has multiple tumors in his lungs and liver that are growing and that he is not a candidate for surgery – the only cure for colon cancer.  He is fighting hard every single day to battle down these cancer cells while still working, attending school events and being an incredible dad and supportive husband.  He is stronger and tougher than anyone I know.  I feel this strong need right now to identify and honor what he is doing.



10 thoughts on “Living with Cancer

  1. He is incredibly strong and is an inspiration to all who see and know him. But YOU are incredibly strong too and I think all that see and know you want to honor you too! You both have been amazing every step of the way and I am so proud of you. And love you!

  2. Robyn – Dave may be the one with the cancer BUT you my friend are the one that keeps everything together for everyone. You do everything with a huge smile and we all know you’re hurting inside also. We’re here for you and the family anytime!

  3. He is living, and loving, and fighting with cancer. It is now, for better and for worse part of the fabric of your family. We love you guys.

  4. Robyn- You both are very strong people, each fighting this evil disease in your own way. Keep that smile on your face and take care of yourself, not only for Dave, but those super children. We are here for you and love you to pieces. Hugs and kisses to everyone, Auntie.

  5. It takes a lot of strength to be where you both are and to keep living life to the full. *Hugs*

    Robyn, I was just reading about an Asian herb called schisandra. You probably know of it already, but in case you don’t I thought it might be worth looking into, as it’s supposed to reduce the side effects of chemo.

    xxx Nicola

  6. You have a wonderful way with words, Robyn. I feel your strength and love and honesty as you share your challenges. Bless you.

  7. You both are the epitome of Warriors. You take each and every day head on battling the challenges set before you with grace and determination and ferocity. Through it all this you both are determined to keep your family life as normal as possible. I couldn’t admire and love you more! Mom

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