An Anxiety Attack for Breakfast

ImageHi, this is Robyn Tremaine.  I am calling in regard to a bill I received from you all.

Okay.  Let me look up your bill.  Can I get the account number please?

click, click, clackety, clack


Yes, your insurance company says they don’t cover this type of service.

What?!  Oh, I know what the problem is.  We have a new insurance member number.

Okay.  What is the new number?  Group number?  That is what we have on file.

(heart racing, sweating, am i having a heart attack?) uh…..em…..

click, click, clackety, clack

endless pause

Oh.  It looks like we just recently updated your insurance information.


Erg.  Does that mean you are resubmitting the bill?

Yes.  You are all set.  You can throw that bill away.




3 thoughts on “An Anxiety Attack for Breakfast

  1. It seems that medical billing people fall in two categories, idiots or barracudas! I pity any ill person having to deal with the mess they create! When I was on workmen’s comp I would be reduced to tears with every conversation I had with them. I hope it gets resolved soon, so you can eliminate that part of your stressful world!

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