Long Time No Words



It’s not that I don’t have anything to say, but more that I have just been too lazy to bother.  The silence on the blog just means that things have been steadily chugging along.  

We have had some big positives in the Tremaine household though.  I spent five days in beautiful and sunny Florida.  Escaping the cold and spending time with my mom was a Godsend.  I appreciate so much that my parents said to me about a month ago, “You need a break.  Where do you want to go?”  I said simply, “Somewhere with sun and water.”

There was lots of sun.













There were snacks by the pool.









There was a visit to say hi to Old Gramps and Grams.









Most of all, there was time to rest, relax and regroup.













When I got home, we opened to mail and discovered some big news for Samantha.  She was accepted into the President’s Leadership Program at CNU.  We are all thrilled for her.  The program sounds like such an amazing opportunity and the bit of scholarship money is nice too.









And last but not least, today Dave found out his CEA (tumor marker) is down to 8.  We are quietly celebrating its drop in the right direction and are so hopeful for a good scan mid-month.  We are encouraged that the chemo is indeed still working.  Dave had chemo this week but this was just the boost he needed to get through the yucky side effects.



8 thoughts on “Long Time No Words

  1. So glad that you have good news to share. You look great–your parents are such a blessing and obviously Florida was just what you needed.

  2. That was such a warm message. It is good to hear that you are handling things well. Of course, you have a very special mom who gave you a wonderful gift. Sounds like it was the perfect medicine.

  3. Great news all round! So glad to hear about the tumour count!!! Well done to Samantha, pass on our congrats to her please. What a much needed break you’ve had and how wonderful it looks! Your parents are so lovely, but I already knew that. 🙂 Have a great week, Robyn. x

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