Better Than “Not Bad”!!

CT Chest: The three pulmonary metastatic nodules now show central

lucencies consistent with necrosis and there has been a minimal decrease

in size since the prior examination.


CT Abdomen/Pelvis: Liver metastatic lesions have decreased in size since

the prior examination.


IMPRESSION: Slight regression of liver and pulmonary metastases.




This Week at a Glance

Scan week = stress.  Although to be honest, I am feeling very optimistic.  CEA numbers are down, so while it is still unnerving, I think that we are going to hear more “not bad” news.

Speaking in front of a big group = stress.  It is not my favorite thing to do but getting up and sharing what I do with the staff is actually a time to promote what I think matters.  Glad to get this one over with today.

Parker’s play (Alice in Wonderland) = awesome.  I love the productions that Parker’s school puts on.  She has been lucky enough to be in the musical for the last three years.  After months of listening to the music every time we are in the car, I am looking forward to seeing the show!

Chemo week = blah.  But again, this is keeping the cancer under control.  A necessary evil.

New pet for the STEM lab = SO cool.  I am totally enamored with George.


Hope you all have a great week.  Scan update when we know anything.



An Unnecessary Reminder

ImageSometimes the most run of the mill event will remind us that life has changed.  Sometimes the changes seem monumental and sometimes they are seemingly small yet still significant.  Samantha was craving a noodle dish that she had over the summer so I found the recipe, went to the store to get the ingredients and spent some time tonight putting it together.  The recipe called for red pepper flakes so I used them very sparingly since Dave has a sensitivity to spicy food these days.  Half a bite in and he knew there was no way that he could eat it.  So he cobbled together some leftovers and a bowl of Lucky Charms for dinner.  If you have gone out to eat with Dave then you know he LOVES spicy food.  He has been known to douse an already spicy meal with a generous serving of sriracha sauce to give it a little extra kick.  So, he was a little bummed out tonight to be reminded that those days are gone – at least for now.  A small thing to give up in the whole scheme of things but still a cruddy reminder of a how things “used to be”.