Hello, again.

I have been seriously slacking off in the writing department. I guess it’s a “no news is good news” kind of deal. Things are pretty calm around here. Dave has been faring well with chemo overall. He is experiencing more significant appetite loss the days during and following treatment though. When he goes in on Fridays for Avastin and his disconnect, he is also getting IV fluids which helps.  He is working almost full time. In fact he is working more these last couple of rounds then in previous months. (There may be a story behind that but let’s save it for another day.)

Sadly, we found out on Monday that one of the guys we met on the retreat, the other Dave, died at the end of March.  He had a tough situation in that he was diagnosed with two primary cancers at the same time.  Dave and I were discussing what a nice guy he seemed to be when Dave said “I thought he might be the first to die.”  As much as we push it down, the idea of death is always looming in the back of our minds.  A terrible possibility of a horrible disease.

But to end this long overdue post on a lighter note (for those of you who aren’t on Facebook), here is a photo of Dave from today.  Seems he stopped by the cosmetology department for a little beauty treatment.




3 thoughts on “Hello, again.

  1. Every time I open my RRS app yours is the first blog I look for , and read. Wishing for you a calm and peaceful day,maybe even an hour to read a book.

  2. You can’t keep a good man from being himself no matter what! I am a believer that a great sense of humor works wonders for everyone when the road gets rocky. As long as David can still laugh through what life throws him he will be okay! And so far he is able to find some humor in most of this and he certainly keeps us expecting the unexpected from him daily!

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