Grammy Night and Some Other Bits and Bobs

We look forward to “Grammy Night” all week.  Every Wednesday I leave to take Parker to oboe lesson and, while I am gone, two little worker bees called Grammy and PopPop arrive with groceries in hand.  When Parker and I return home, there are pots bubbling on the stove and delicious smells wafting throughout the house. Mom has been cooking every Wednesday this school year.  I can’t begin to describe what a gift this is.  I work a full day on Wednesdays and then Parker generally has oboe or play rehearsal.  Dave has chemo every other Wednesday so it really is just the perfect day to have some help.   I know how lucky I am and, those of you who know my parents, also know how lucky I am.  Truly.


Dave had chemo today.  His oncologist stopped by during his infusion to check in and to tease him about his hair.  His CEA level is up the tiniest little bit to 12.8 from 8.  This really is quite small (CEAs can be in the hundreds, even thousands), and I don’t think it is cause for alarm.  Lots of things can cause fluctuations, and we have been repeatedly told that it is not a great test.  But when you only have access to limited information like scans and blood work, it’s easy to fixate on the numbers.


Lastly, my friend, Lexy, posted this on Facebook this morning.  I think it is so spot on that I thought I would pass it along.,0,2074046.story




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