If You Need Me, I’ll Be at the Grocery Store

ImageGrocery shopping has become an unexpected challenge lately.  Dave has chemo this week so I try to make sure we have some basics that he can stomach like sprite and cottage cheese.  For the last couple of treatments, he has all but lost his appetite which lasts about four days.  He gets fluids at the treatment center on day 3 and nibbles on enough to get by.  It is hardly ideal but he is managing it okay.  He craves proteins but doesn’t want any sauces and can’t tolerate the smell of anything cooking.  You begin to see the challenge.  Also, I still have to feed the kids.  So, I end up going to the grocery store daily and wandering the aisles looking for uncooked, sauceless protein that has no smell and appeals to kids.  We’ve been eating a lot of sandwiches…..



PS During a lighthearted moment, I did remind Dave that during one of my pregnancies, when I was knee deep in morning sickness, that he heated up and ate an anchovy pizza in my presence!  

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