Last November, Dave’s sister wanted to do something for him for his birthday.  I suggested he might like to have a massage.  Kris gave him a gift certificate to a place she has used massage envy.  It took him a while to use it, but he absolutely LOVES it.  The last two times Dave has had chemo, he has scheduled a massage for the following Saturday.  He comes back so relaxed and refreshed.  It is exactly what he needs when he is feeling yucky.  It was the perfect gift!



**Part of the reason he delayed in using the gift certificate was due to the fact that when he showed up for his first appointment, they turned him away. He needed a note from his oncologist saying it was okay.

3 thoughts on “Mass-AAAAH-ge

  1. I love it’s!! I am shipping one of my tables to va! Next time I’m up I will do a massage for ya’ll for free!! Because I love my cousins! I will be able to finally see y’all’s house too!!!

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