5 Things From Today

umbrellas-stanislav-sidorov1. Stable scan = same number of tumors, same sizes.  If we are keeping it real, which we are, this is as good as we can expect.  So, yay, for good news!  (This is me trying to be excited.  I want it all.  I want tumors to miraculously disappear.  But I am trying not to be ungrateful.)

2. Compromise.  Not a chemo break but longer between chemo infusions.  Dave will now be on a three week schedule instead of the two week schedule he has been on for the past year.  I feel much less stressed about this option, and he likes it because he has more recovery time.

3. Rain washing away the pollen.

4. Homemade chicken/gnocchi/spinach soup.

5. An oddly enjoyable walk with the dogs (not even mine but my parents’) despite the puddles and downpour.



2 thoughts on “5 Things From Today

  1. Baby steps but stll alot to be thankful!! Think how far Dave has come in the past year. Stable is such a good piece of news when you think how it could of gone the other way. Many prayers your way friend!!!!!!!

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